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Special Branch

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Initially tasked with combatting the threat of Irish republican terrorists in the reign of Queen Victoria, the Metropolitan Police Special Branch went on to play a major role in the defence of the realm for over 120 years.

Over time, "the Branch", as it came to be known, assumed a much wider role, and was held responsible for monitoring the activities of anarchists, Bolsheviks and even the suffragettes, and later it became the executive arm of MI5 in dealing with espionage cases. As the war against terrorism became more intense in the latter half of the twentieth century, Special Branch worked closely with the Anti-Terrorist Branch.

Packed with accounts of extraordinary missions, life-saving acts of bravery and high-risk intelligence-gathering, 'Special Branch' offers the first complete history of this unique, but now defunct, service, which was subsumed into the Counter-Terrorism Command of the Metropolitan Police in 2006.



Publisher: Biteback Publishing

ISBN: 9781849549103