Shakespeare's London Theatreland: Archaeology, History and Drama. Book by Julian Bowsher. Museum of London Archaeology.

Shakespeare's London Theatreland

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This guide to the unique theatrical venues of London, from 1567, when the first playhouse was built, to 1642, when Parliament closed them down, sets out the rich dramatic history of this period in relation to the latest exciting archaeological evidence.

The book also details the people involved - the builders, actors, playwrights and audiences - what they wore and what they ate, where they drank, where they fought, where they lived and died. There are theatrical quotes and jokes, and illustrations old and new, while a series of walks explores different areas of today's London, where glimpses of Shakespeare's London can still be caught.

Winner of Current Archaeology's 2014 Book of the Year award.



Publisher: MOLA

ISBN: 9781907586125

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