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On Guerrilla Gardening

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'On Guerrilla Gardening' is an activist's call to arms to all citizens - green-fingered, green-thinking or curious - to join the revolution of guerrilla gardening: transforming public space into oases of colour and life. The enemy: neglect, apathy and the disintegration of community spirit. The arsenal: daring, a packet of seeds and a passionate commitment to social change.

When Richard Reynolds first embarked on guerrilla gardening, growing flowers by moonlight outside his tower block, he had no idea it was part of a growing global movement committed to cultivating the potential in the land regardless of all obstacles.

Charting the battles fought across thirty different countries and the revolutionary history of this subculture, 'On Guerrilla Gardening' is an inspirational take on gardening in the 21st century.


224 pp.

Publisher: Bloomsbury

ISBN: 9780747592976