Into the Fire

Into the Fire

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What is it really like to be a firefighter? How does it feel to respond to an emergency call, to know that someone's life hangs in the balance and every second is critical? What is it like to fight a fire, to battle through the heat and the smoke, to put your own life in danger to save others? How does it feel to rescue survivors, and what is it like to recover the bodies of those who you didn’t reach in time? And what is it like at the end of the day when you are alone with your thoughts? How do you cope with the trauma of a life spent facing death?

INTO THE FIRE offers an unforgettable insight into the highs and lows of the fire service. Ed Kennedy-Macfoy has spent over a decade serving in the London Fire Brigade, attending many of the capital's biggest incidents, from the blaze at Grenfell Tower to the Croydon tram derailment and the London floods. This is his remarkable story.                                 

Publisher: Bantam Press

ISBN: 978-0593080375                                                                                                                     

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