Independent London

Independent London

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London's high streets are becoming ever more homogeneous and, well, downright dull. We can thank Pret A Manger for that. But there's good news: a wealth of independents are hidden among the chains, you just need to know where to find the best ones. This pocket-sized paperback featuring the top 50 indie spots is a celebration of smaller businesses and one-off shops that bring colour, personality and style to the scene. Whether you are looking for homeware stores, artisan bakeries, well-curated clothing stores, beautiful coffee hangouts or an indie cinema, this book, full of original photography and insider tips, will tell you where to go. This is part of a growing series of opinionated guides which offer simple, highly-curated advice on what to do and see in London.


ISBN: 978-1910566824

Publisher: Hoxton Mini Press

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