GC Willkay Skyline

GC Willkay Skyline

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'Grime Stories: from the corner to the mainstream' greeting card.

“London is a chameleon that keeps adapting with the modern world.
Depicted in the face of east London like the concrete of the city’s council estate.
It sits beside the glass buildings of Canary Wharf.
The networks of pirate radio stations and aerial rigs on tower blocks allowed grime music to flourish.
People and places all around London laid foundations for the British culture we have today.
The Grime scene will continue to progress and influence future generations in London and beyond.”
- Willkay

  • Measures 140 x 197mm.
  • Illustration by Willkay, commissioned by the Museum of London for their
    display 'Grime Stories: from the corner to the mainstream'.
  • Comes packaged in a clear plastic bag.

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