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Found! Stone Age


What's the first Stone Age object you can think of? Stonehenge? Did you know that thousands more stone, bone and wooden objects have been found from this prehistoric time in human history?

All of these objects can tell us a lot about ancient people. We know about the animals they hunted from cave paintings and animal bones. We know about the tools they used from the flint axes and spearheads, and we know about their everyday life and culture from the caves and homes they lived in, the stone circles they built and the everyday objects they left behind.

All over Britain, Stone Age artefacts have been Found!. Uncover the stories of thirteen incredible finds, what they can tell us about life back then and how they might relate to your life today.

Ideal for readers aged 9-11 studying history topics at Key Stage 2.


Publisher: Franklin Watts

ISBN: 9781445152103