Digging Up Britain Hardback

Digging Up Britain Hardback

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Britain has long been obsessed with its own history and identity, an island nation besieged by invaders from beyond the seas. The long saga of prehistory is often forgotten, but our understanding of our past is changing. In the last decade, astounding archaeological discoveries have shed new light on those who have gone before us, radically altering the way we think about our history. Mike Pitts presents ten of the most exciting – and surprising – of these discoveries.

As Pitts leads us on this journey through time, we move from the more recent and familiar to the most remote and bizarre, just as archaeologists delving into the earth find themselves moving backwards through the years until they reach the very oldest remnants of the past. At each of these sites we hear from the people who have found and recovered these ancient remains. We follow the archaeologists as they unearth an ancient Britain of many different cultures, and their efforts to understand them aided by new sciences including DNA analysis.


Publisher: Thames and Hudson Ltd

ISBN: 978-0500051900

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