Jack the Ripper: The Casebook

Jack the Ripper: The Casebook

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More than 100 years after the last of these brutal acts of violence the mysteries that surrounded the events remain. In 'Jack the Ripper: The Casebook' the reader is taken on a tour of the underworld of Victorian London, traveling into the backstreets of Whitechapel and Spitalfields where the murders took place.

One by one the murder victims are revealed, their similarities discussed and the scenes and circumstances of their murders investigated. The methods of the killer are explored, along with a summary of the evidence, and accounts by witnesses who caught a glimpse of this notorious and immensely elusive figure.

A thorough analysis of the likely suspects for the identity of Jack the Ripper is undergone, including some figures that have only recently been implicated in the murders.

The unique selling point of the book is the many facsimile documents, including police reports and the 'Dear Boss' letter.



Publisher: Andre Deutsch

ISBN: 9780233002576

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