London's Truly Strangest Tales. Book by Tom Quinn

London's Truly Strangest Tales

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More extraordinary but true stories from London's history. In this fascinating follow-up to his bestselling London's Strangest Tales, Tom Quinn makes a further foray into the weirder side of the capital, bringing us a splendiforous collection of bizarre-but-true stories that explore a thousand years of London's history.

Discover the ghosts that stalk West End theatres, the mysterious mummy who lives in a City church cupboard, and secret tunnels under the Thames. Find out why there's a TARDIS at Earl's Court, why frogs once rained from the skies, and why the mulberry tree in the gardens at Buckingham Palace isn't quite what it was supposed to be.

A dip-in-and-outable treasure trove of London lore, 'London's Truly Strangest Tales' is both an ideal gift for dyed-in-the-wool Londoners who want to find out more about the great city they live in, and the perfect souvenir for people just passing through.



Publisher: Portico

ISBN: 9781911042440